Unção Media: Images from Unção’s 5th Anniversary Gala

Oi, capoeiristas!  Please enjoy these images from our 5th anniversary gala that took place on December 3 at BYS Yoga!

The event was a huge success, thanks to the participation of a number of Unção and visiting capoeiristas, Ana Paola and the Brazil Nuts Dance Troupe from Pitt, Tracie Yorke and her Brazilian samba students, and lots of guests and community members.  Special thanks also to Kristi Rogers & her husband Jody, owners of BYS, for supporting the event.  Thanks also to capoeiristas Olha for taking these photos, and Punketa for selecting the winning images for this post.

The event kicked off with food, drinks, and socializing!

The event featured an open roda, in which not only seasoned capoeiristas, but also novices, participated:

An open maculele roda:

A special guest performance by the Brazil Nuts Dance Group from Pitt:

…the audience was riveted!!

And at the end of the evening, Tracie Yorke led the group in an amazing samba workshop!  Everyone got sweaty and had fun.

Obrigada again to everyone who helped make this event a super success.  Salve e muito axé!!!

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