Unção Media: Workshops with Monitor Dentista

Earlier this month, Unção Capoeira Pittsburgh hosted Monitor Dentista and Aranha, two capoeiristas from Grupo Unidade Capoeira (Ohio), for three days of awesome workshops.  Several Unção capoeiristas came out for the event, as well as capoeira students from other groups in the surrounding area.  Everyone worked hard and had a great time!  Many thanks to Monitor Dentista & Aranha for their presence.  Workshops such as these are a great chance for capoeiristas who practice different styles of the art to come together and learn from one another, on the mat and in the roda.  Please enjoy these pictures from the event.  Axé!

More about Monitor Dentista:

“Monitor Dentista has been practicing Capoeira for over 10 years. Dentista has been involved in the martial arts since the age of 8. He began training Capoeira at the age of 24. Monitor Dentista belongs to ASCAB, the Associacao Santista de Capoeira Areia Branca as it is known in Brazil but in the U.S. It is known as the American Society of Capoeira and the Arts of Brazil based in Philadelphia, PA led by Mestre Doutor. 2010, Dentista was made ‘Monitor’ by Mestre Doutor, with other mestres and higher-ups present. In the ASCAB system the title ‘Monitor’ is higher than Professor and is fours away from Mestre. So close and yet so far.

His passion for capoeira has led him to great accomplishments including the opening of his own capoeira academy with schools located throughout Ohio and Alabama. He has given countless workshops, demonstrations and discussions on capoeira in the United States. He also holds an annual capoeira tournament at the Arnold Classic, the second largest fitness event in the United States, in Columbus, Ohio. His mission is to continue to use capoeira to community-build and spread the knowledge of its Afro-Brazilian roots. Monitor Dentista founded and currently runs Grupo Unidade Capoeira in Cleveland, Ohio where he has a group of students devoted to his exciting methods of teaching and enthusiastic personality.”

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