Capoeira classes

Unção Capoeira Pittsburgh currently offers classes in the Brazilian martial art of capoeira in the Oakland and South Side neighborhoods.  Classes are designed for people of all ages and all skill levels, and focus on the fighting, acrobatic, and musical aspects of the art.  In a typical class, students will practice esquivas or escapes from attacks; attacks like kicks and strikes, and floreios or acrobatics like flips, floor movements, and cartwheels, as well as learn to play musical instruments like the berimbau–pictured on the home page of our blog–and to sing songs in Portuguese.  After training individual movements alone and in partners, class will often end with a roda or circle, where students will put into practice all of the movements they have practiced in improvised games of capoeira.  Capoeira training will also include dances like the maculele and coco de roda, pictured in some of our posts on Unção Media.  For information on current class times, locations, and pricing, please see the right side of our home page.

Capoeira game at the U. of Pittsburgh Brazilian Festival, Spring 2011

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